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Episode 5 - The Christmas Truce

December 12, 2021

This is a bit of a strange one as I recorded this on November 13th - Remembrance Sunday; for those that aren't aware, November 11th is Armistice Day where we remember soldiers and Army personnel who lost their lives over World War 1 and subsequent wars afterwards - over in the US this is called Veteran's Day. 

This episode centres around the Christmas Truce which took place on Christmas Eve 1914 between German and English soldiers on the battlefield in no man's land (betwen Loos and Hulluch, France)

Gifts were exchanged and even a football match took place (if you believe some reports)

Several stories have been told about this event and even a Christmas Advert, produced by Sainsburys, depicted the moment of the truce with an exchange of a chocolate bar and a game of football taking place between the troops. 

Sainsbury's Advert -



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